Redo 250 boxes for official critique after a break?

5:53 AM, Tuesday October 19th 2021

Hi, so I completed lesson 1 as well as the 250 box challenge about 6 months ago and got up to the texture analysis before I dropped it. This month I decided to come back and completed lesson 1 again and am interested in submitting for official critique, however I am curious if I should repeat the 250 box challenge, or just submit my old ones; I completed a page of boxes to see if it held up to my previous box page of 244-250 and I want to say it's pretty equal to my old ones.

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11:21 AM, Wednesday October 20th 2021

If you have a look back through the questions here you should find an answer fairly quickly, it has been asked a few times. I think for official critique you may be asked to do another 50 or so boxes so you are judged on your current level but you won't have to redo the whole exercise.

1:49 AM, Thursday October 21st 2021

Thank you for the response, Looking through it seems that is the trending pattern, I'm just gonna go ahead and submit the work I have now and go off of the feedback they give me.

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7:10 AM, Monday November 1st 2021
edited at 7:28 AM, Nov 1st 2021

I guess students who finished the 250 box challenge before can submit 50 additional boxes. I just found this out, so I already did the challenge two times. It was extremely helpful, though. It increased my line quality and understanding of perspective.

edited at 7:28 AM, Nov 1st 2021
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