Hello, I’ll be doing your critique today!

Organic Arrows

Your lines are confident enough and nice cross-hatching! but in some of your arrows the increase in depth isn’t portrayed properly, take the bottom left arrow on the first page for example, the arrow starts and ends with an increase in depth but the middle part is fairly consistent. Another thing to note is that some of the cross-hatching is done on the outside of the arrow when it should face inside.

This image might help:


Also, personal opinion, those arrows on the second page look like they would make cool castle flags!

Organic forms with contour lines

The ellipses are pretty good, they curve along with the sausage well. They also follow the motion of the sausage so that good too!

The contours seem like a bit of a miss, your lines aren’t confident so it seems like this was a little hard for you, try to ghost the lines a bit more to get some nice smooth lines.


The analysis is really good! the cast shadows are properly drawn and there are no outlines, the dark to light gradient is pretty good too.


This is amazing, you’ve broken the silhouette perfectly and the textures look great! Some of them on the first page feel flat but you got it perfectly in the second one.

Form Intersections

Some of the shapes look a bit off, the cylinders most of all don’t look natural on the back end, they look static.

Remember, the cylinders change angles:


Organic Intersections

Nice, clean sausages, I really feel like that’s how they’d stack up!

I hope this helped and good luck!