Hello Clhide i am trollfromhell and i will give u my critique of your lesson 1 and btw nice wooden table u got there

let's look at your


your super imposed lines are good because fraying is only acceptable at the far end of the lines and your ghsoted lines are good

2.elipses in planes

they look clean and neat i really like them,you have made your elipses lines close together

3.elipses in tables

if u have diifculty to draw elipses from uncomfortable angle,do rotate the paper so you can use ur shoulder freely also use ghosting method when drawing elipses 

4.ellipses in funnels

On funnels, the minor axis (the line in the middle) should cut ellipses in 2 symetrical halves.

5.plotted perspective

they would look so much better if you putted some lines for shadow to make it look 3D

6.rough perspective

no need to be harsh on yourself for this exercise because as long u know that width lines should be parallel to horizon and height lines perpendicular to horizon it's already good enough

7.rotated boxes

you will find this guide useful to let u know how to draw rotated boxes https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/368870697742630912/715669112222908466/zfr3o7xneog31.png

8.organic perspective

u should draw the boxes with shallow vp meaning the vp is so far away and the boxes will just look like cube