Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

1:39 PM, Tuesday July 20th 2021

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This was terrible. First pictures were done in marker, and only later I was able to get a fineliner. My mistakes are numerous: wobbly lines, misaligned ellipses, terribly constructed boxes and more. But that I understand how to correct with practice. What I don't understand is textures. The Lesson 2 text stated that it's better to use cast shadows, but I tried to draw cast shadows of the crumpled paper texture and failed. So I tried to draw all shadows and failed again. My drawing doesn't even remotely resemble the textures I wanted to draw. The same is with textures in Dissections. I don't understand how to make them believable without drawing them explicitly.

So, I think I need to do the Texture exercises again. Everything else is uncomfortable but manageable.

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10:09 PM, Tuesday July 20th 2021

In the end of the Dissections homework in the Example homework part Uncomfortable quote:

Here's an idea of what a finished page might look like. Alternatively, it might look like a steaming pile of crap, and that's totally fine as well. Just complete the required number of pages to the best of your ability. This is just the beginning.

Meaning that if have done that with your best, you try you hardest it is ok, just move on, i am having the same problem as you in the Dissections homework just keep moving forward trying your best.

6:19 PM, Wednesday July 21st 2021

I saw the example of completed exercise, but usually I think It's better to understand the underlying principles behind the exercise then to copy the homework example. I've tried my best, but I still fail to grasp how to draw texture without being too explicit with detail. But still, I'll try to improve.

Thank you and best of luck to you too.

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