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9:17 AM, Sunday February 5th 2023

Hello! I’ll be doing your critique today.

Superimposed lines

The lines a pretty wobbly and fraying at the ends too, this usually happens with overthinking, loosen up, rotate the page as much as you need to, and then make a smooth confident stroke.

Don’t worry about accuracy this early in the course, build up your confidence! Aside from that the lines aren’t fraying at the start so nice to see that you took your time.

Ghosted lines

The lines look a lot more confident here! keep it up!

Ghosted planes & Ellipses in planes

Nice to see that the lines are more confident, good variation of plane angles and the ellipses are looped. There is quite a bit of undershooting here and some of the ellipses look egg-shaped. Try to take the lines of the plane as a reference while you’re ghosting and then without course correction make a confident stroke.

Table of Ellipses

Quite a few ellipses don’t fit very snuggly with each other but you already knew that. There is more undershooting and course correction. Are you making sure to draw from your shoulder? or maybe you’re too tense?

Your smaller circles and angled ellipses look the best so try to recreate what you did with those.


The ellipses have less course correction than before so that’s good, the ellipses are well aligned to where the major and minor axis should be, and they all fit well enough with each other. Good work here.

Plotted Perspective Boxes

You followed the instructions properly, although I think you used a pencil for the hatching. That aside I hope this exercise helped you understand perspective, if not I recommend watching some videos about 1-point and 2-point perspective.

Rough Perspective Boxes

Seems like you get the gist of the exercise, even if you rushed this part. And some of the lines weren’t traced back. Slow down, take your time, keep the 50-50 rule in mind and have fun!

Rotated Boxes

Despite being a difficult exercise, you understood it well. Each box has its own vanishing point and the x-ray vision shows that a lot of the boxes are the right size and that you understand the perspective, the overall shape is circular but you forgot about the corner most boxes. Still good work here!

Organic perspective boxes

The boxes are rotating which is good, great portrayal of depth, a good variation of boxes too. but you were supposed to make three frames containing these on both pages like so:

Overall, you have done a fair job, you did improve from the first page but take your time or you might get burned out.

I'd like you to do one page of superimposed lines, another table of ellipses and the rest of the organic perspective boxes before moving on.

Links to help get started:

For line smoothness and confidence:

For the table of ellipses:

Next Steps:

1 page of super imposed lines

1 page of table of ellipses

2 pages of organic perspective boxes

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
8:03 AM, Monday February 6th 2023

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback! I must have overlooked the instructions for organic perspective boxes. I've redone them, and here are the assignments you requested.

1 page of super imposed lines, 1 page of table of ellipses, and 2 pages of organic perspective boxes.

Got a little confused doing organic perspective boxes without turning the page (I felt like I was drawing the same box over and over if I rotated the page to draw the lines so I kept it in one place) but hopefully it's not completely wrong.

Thank you again for taking the time to look over my work, and hope you have a great day!

9:28 AM, Monday February 6th 2023

Your superimposed lines look so much better!

The ellipses have improved too, I see you didn't course correct this time and the shape is alot better too!

And your approach with the organic perspective boxes is absolutely valid and works great! you actually gave me a really good idea for this exercise :D

Anyway you are ready to take the next step which is the 250 box challenge, it is difficult in the sense that you have to do the same basic thing but there are a lot of shapes a box can take and even more angles you can place them in. just be sure to read through the exercise and take your time with this.

Here's a tool you can use for first few dozen boxes if you're having trouble thinking up a box:

and some references too, in case you need some:

Have a great day and good luck on your journey!

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