Can I use correction tape?

12:55 PM, Saturday November 21st 2020

Hi! I'm currently doing the rotated boxes exercise. I made A LOT of mistakes with my pen and covered them up with scribbles which are a bit distracting. Can I use correction tape to fix it?

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12:18 AM, Sunday November 22nd 2020

Try doing it again. Fiddling with correction tape is not the way to go about this. Better to have an exercise that has a few mistakes than to try and repair it.

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1:10 AM, Monday November 23rd 2020


Don't try to correct anything, you make a mistake, you continue with it, even if it makes for a deformed result, as long as it looks 3d, even if skewed. If it is really bad, start again on a new paper (for big constructions) or on the side (for little exercises likes leaves). The point is for you to do it well on the first shot, so do more preparing and stuff to calculate how the real trajectory is supposed to be.

4:26 AM, Tuesday November 24th 2020

Got it, thanks for the reply! :)

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