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9:41 PM, Friday February 9th 2024

in the first one you don't use sausages for the leg construction.use sausage forms try to focus on the construction more and less on the detail I know it's tempting to draw the texture but it's not the point of this excercise.if yout having trouble draw a ground plane. and build it off place the referance under carefull consideration and figure out the relationship off each major form.

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2 pages off animal construction. read the lesson material again thoroughly.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
7:47 PM, Saturday February 10th 2024


Thank you for the feeback. I re read through the lesson 5, and here is the 2 pages.

6:13 PM, Sunday March 24th 2024
edited at 6:13 PM, Mar 24th 2024

sorry again for the late reply but for the dears horns and you could've úsed a box for the base form that the cylinders come out from and you could've used basic cylinders for the horns. and makes sure to consider the sausages as froms and make sure to use a form countour line where the sausages intersect. other that remember to think about construction starting with a basic form them building on top for the subjects but for now I'll mark this as complete

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9:29 PM, Friday March 29th 2024

I keep skipping parts of the building process here and there, sorry. I will try my best to not forget it next time, and the next... Thank you very much.

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