Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

2:02 PM, Wednesday November 23rd 2022

#kotka1891 submission - Album on Imgur

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Not sure if I'm making a mistake here by not including the ghosted planes prior to filling them out with ellipses separately. as per instructions, i just reused the two ghosted planes exercises for the ellipses part.

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2:36 AM, Friday November 25th 2022

Hey, this is an excellent submission!! I love your attention to detail, there's so much variety in your ellipses, planes, and organic perspective boxes, it's obvious that you're not afraid to play around and that's such a valuable skill to have!! Here are a few things that I noticed from scrolling through your submission:

  • Some of your ellipses are on the wobbly side. This is perfectly natural and repeated practice will start to iron them out, just be sure to focus on smooth lines and curves

  • It looks like in a few sections of the organic perspective excercise, and especially in the rotated boxes, you re-did a few lines. As in, you re-tried some lines that may have been wonky. I noticed it especially in the corners of the rotated boxes where the lines get sketchy and kind of chaotic. Again, totally natural, but also, fight against the urge to redo! We've got to keep plowing ahead! Often, re-doing lines causes more confusion and visual noise! Just something to watch out for in the future

  • Some of your boxes in the organic perspective excercise are a little wonky, but you did a great job varying size for perspective, and you'll very soon be working on boxes a lot in the 250 box challenge

  • Also in your boxes, I see that your lines are often longer than they should be, sticking out a little. Again, totally natural, this is something I struggle with a lot, but just be cognizant of when you're lifting your pen up and really aim to end the line as soon as it hits your desired spot.

As Uncomfortable states in the lesson, all of these excercises should be tossed into your "warm-up pool" so you should be revisiting them time-to-time. I would recommend especially the table of ellipses as getting those ellipse curves as smooth as possible is important. But, as all of the areas I mentioned are areas that simply require continued practice, I am going to mark this as complete! You're lines are looking well-ghosted, you've got the perspective concepts down, and despite some of the sketchy areas, your rotated box excercise is very good! There's a real sense of dimension and the rotations are excellent. Continue to focus on ellipses and lines in your warm-ups, and you'll be swell!! Wonderful job!!!!

Next Steps:

On to the 250 Box Challnge!

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9:01 AM, Friday November 25th 2022
edited at 9:04 AM, Nov 25th 2022

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a critique! Looking through my submission again, I agree with you on all points. Often, I spot mistakes literally immediately after making the bad stroke and compulsively "need" to redo it. I will keep fighting against it, and make sure to overshoot my lines less. That is a problem that has followed me from the very beginning of the superimposed lines exercise. I get too energetic with my lines and strokes and just "forget" to lift the pen.

Have a great weekend! :)


edited at 9:04 AM, Nov 25th 2022
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