Drawing Prompt: Bathroom Spacecraft

11:58 PM, Friday June 24th 2022

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/4bcEckT.jpg

This submission was done for the Bathroom Spacecraft drawing prompt. Check out more submissions here!

I can submit mine too! I'm allowed!

But seriously though, I'm just trying to reproduce a little bug that people are complaining about.

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2:32 AM, Saturday June 25th 2022
edited at 2:34 AM, Jun 25th 2022

That spaceship is pretty nice. Thanks for the inspiration.

How's the debugging going? As I recall from last promptathon, my bug (i.e. not being able to submit my work properly) was solved by using a more updated web browser (in my case Chrome).

edited at 2:34 AM, Jun 25th 2022
11:05 PM, Tuesday June 28th 2022

Never did find what was causing that bug, although there have been some other more minor ones that I've fixed, and I haven't heard any complaints since I fixed those on Friday.

3:29 AM, Wednesday June 29th 2022

Great. I did have another issue (Saturday night I think): my comments on people's submissions wouldn't go through; it would show up with an error code; refreshing the page didn't help. At first I was able to comment on several submissions, but then it started showing the error; after that I tried commenting on several more unsuccessfully before calling it a night; but it's worked fine on the following days.

9:36 PM, Friday July 1st 2022

Sounds like it was an issue with the google recaptcha system. Sometimes (though rarely) it goes a bit haywire, though that is outside of my control.

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