hi M5! i'm Koyomi and i'm going to review your lesson 1 submission.


-some of your sets of lines on the superimposed lines exercise are fraying on both ends, make sure to carefully place your pen at the starting dot before tracing your line, https://d15v304a6xpq4b.cloudfront.net/lesson_images/1585f266.jpg

-same thing with your ghosted lines and ghosted planes, some lines are touching neither of the two dots, don’t rush it and make sure that your pen is on the dot

Excepted that, your lines are pretty good and looks confident, i can see that you’re using your arm so props for that!


-in the tables of ellipses and ellipses in ghosted planes, some ellipses are not reaching their bounds, that’s a common mistake no need to worry about it but maybe try to use the ghosting method more when drawing ellipses


-in your plotted perspective exercise your hatching is pretty timid, try to draw confident, straight lines from one side to the other don’t just put a bunch of lines in the middle, also in this exercise i think you could’ve added more boxes maybe 5 for each. Same for your rough perspective a little more boxes would’ve been great

-on your organic perspective your lines are quite curved and wobbly, remember to always prioritize confidence over accuracy!