Lesson 3: Applying Construction to Plants

1:35 PM, Thursday September 30th 2021

Lesson 3 Home work - Album on Imgur

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Hi there!

Sorry for the bad orientation of images and thank you for your critique

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7:49 AM, Friday October 1st 2021
edited at 12:58 PM, Oct 1st 2021

Hello! i'll be the one critiquing you today

it seems that you haven't included your lesson 1, 250 box challenge and lesson 2 yet, i also noticed that this is your new account, please include them in your submission or do them if you haven't yet since they are the prerequisite on this lesson and the upcoming lessons also it'll prevent future critics to be confuse as to why you only have L3 and above in your submission.

so starting off with your arrows these are flowing pretty nice in space, i can also see that you use line-weight to better illustrate those overlapping curves, one issue that i saw is that there are times were your arrow's suddenly bulges or compresses which gives this unnatural feeling and breaks the feel of 3d, remember as the arrow goes towards the viewer it will gradually increase in width/size and as it goes far away from the viewer or at the back of the page the arrow decreases in width/size.

next up is your leaves now i don't have any problem with the other leaves but the maple leaf or the one with 2 additional leafs you seem to disregard the initial shape plus you've worked with complexity first rather than starting from simple shapes/ forms and building on top of it which made your job much more difficult, you can check out this maple leaf informal demo if you haven't yet in which it gives step by step on how to start from simple shape and building on it to create a complex shape https://drawabox.com/lesson/3/8/complexleafstructures, i also found out in your other leaf that you also disregarded the initial shape or cut on it, watch out for this! since mostly this is highly discouraged as it would create unnecessary lines in your drawing.

next up is your branches one thing to keep in mind is to maintain a consistent size in your ellipses also it seems that you aren't adding variation to the degree of your ellipses, remember that as the ellipses go away from the viewer the ellipse will widen or increase in degree and as it goes towards the viewer, it narrows down and would decrease in degree more on that in lesson 1's ellipses section. you're doing great with overlapping the lines and there's only little feathering that's visible to the viewer i'll just direct you to this image here so you know what you'll be aiming for in your warm-ups.

now lastly on your plants i noticed that you tackled the same mushroom that one of the community member's work that i critiqued on, to show some depth on that type of mushroom you can take advantage of cast shadows to make it feel more 3d as shown here and not fill it in since it'll appear flat or, but other than that most of your work feels pretty solid already to me as you've applied every method that was tackled in this lesson and just avoid crossing out one plant or disregarding and redoing it again as that would be considered as grinding and mistakes are a part of the process here in dab, would be best if you just try to work with it.

overall, you've done a pretty darn good job here, one thing that i'd like you to address in your warm-ups is exercises that includes the degree change of the ellipses.

include the other exercises tackled in this lesson here to your warm-ups, good luck on your journey!

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edited at 12:58 PM, Oct 1st 2021
12:09 PM, Friday October 1st 2021

Thank you for your fast and elaborate critique. I will include the lesson 1 , 2 and 250 box challenge in my homework submissions, in the first place i didn't want to submit homeworks at all but in the lessons 3 i've changed my mind so this is why i haven't submitted the previous homeworks. and thank you again for your critique!

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