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12:06 AM, Tuesday May 9th 2023

Hello! I'm gonna do the critique on video so I don't hurt my wrist too much, if you can't hear something well or want me to explain something else please tell me! Here's the crit..

Like I said before moving on I want you to do one more page of organic forms with ellipses and after that one page of organic intersections, good luck!

Next Steps:

1 page of organic intersections

1 page of organic forms with ellipses

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
5:47 PM, Wednesday September 6th 2023


Hereby the revisions, one page of organic forms and one with contour ellipses. Hope this is up to standards, I attempted to make the sausages less pointy at the ends.


11:26 PM, Wednesday September 27th 2023

On organic intersections youve done a good job, only thing is that the shadows are sticking a bit to the forms, heres a drawover

And on organic forms you're doing also a good job overall, just a few things here: mostly some minor axis missalignments and that you aren't shifting the degrees enough on some places of the forms

Good job overall and good luck on lesson 3!

Next Steps:

lesson 3

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