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8:35 AM, Friday June 18th 2021

While reading through your description I could really relate cause I struggle with almost all those things as well haha.

I think your plants are very clear and read easily. Except for the second one, none of them feel cluttered at all so good job. (and the second one isn't even bad, just busy).

As someone who still stuggles with line confidence myself the best advice I have is: before you start a drawing, give yourself a goal. Goals are great to have because they give the drawing purpose and it's easier to know if you failed or succeeded. So maybe before drawing some plants you set out with the primary goal of having line confidence and moving the pen with your entire shoulder. Watching Uncomfortable draw and the pace in which he puts out his lines in the videos from lesson 1 really helped me get a better grasp as well.

I feel the shadows can sometimes be really confusing, especially if they're cast on an object that's a bit further away. In the same drawing some shadows say that the light source is straight above and some say the light source is above and to the right. The shadows don't always follow the form of the object it's on either or look like the shape that's casting the shadow. But it's very hard and I think for this reason Uncomfortable only really draws shadows on forms that are close to each other, they're not really meant to convey accurate light and shadow, but rather to make a clear drawing and seperate forms from each other.

But ultimately I think your end product is very impressive and you plants look great. I think you picked a good variety of plants but still managed to excute it. I especially love the flower with the thorns. Very cute.

Hope this helps. :D

Next Steps:

Set out a primary goal of better line confidence in some of your future practice. And although not talked about in my critique if you struggle with leaves and branches I would recommend doing leaf, arrow and branch practices as warm ups. They can also help you with line confidence as well I feel.

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3:43 AM, Saturday June 19th 2021


I'll definitely do that, considering my goals at the beginning of the lesson were very shallow honestly. The goal was just to finish the lesson... Sure overtime that changed but now that you mentioned it I think I want to push the idea of setting goals even further. Warm-ups is basically in my DNA now haha. Details and shadows I'm working on it, been rereading a lot of lesson 2 to do my best on the 25 texture challenge. Thank you so much for critique, have a nice day!

7:26 AM, Saturday June 19th 2021

Heck yeah! You're welcome!

If you have time and want, it'd be super great if you could critique my homework for lesson 2 or 3. If not that's totally fine, I won't mind.

Good luck with your future goals. Have a great day as well! :D

2:38 PM, Monday June 21st 2021

Sure dude, I'll try to find some time.

Thanks for the good luck!

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