Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

3:56 PM, Sunday April 12th 2020

Lesson 1 - Korosal - Album on Imgur

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Hello o/ this is my first time posting. I've been drawing since last year and came across drawabox a few times, but never really looked into it till now. I decided to tackle it along a friend, and due to some unlucky timing, neither of us really had a way to do it with anything other than pencil, and the first page i did try on, i realized my pens were dying out. However, that wont stop me, and its been a blast to find out this is a course id be highly interested in. Ive had a lot of fun so far despite the nature of the exercises, looking forward to progressing through it all!

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12:51 AM, Tuesday April 14th 2020

Heyo, hope you're having a wonderful day! For the lessons it's highly recomended to do it in ink, for example you can use a ballpoint pen for the lessons, but pencil is also accepted just remember to keep the tip sharp so that the lines don't become bigger than what they need to be. Also there's multiple resources on the discord server if you need to shop for fineliners. You can use Amazon, Blick, Jetpens, jerrys artarama, and more! Anyways for the critique.

Imposed lines are looking great and feel very confident as well! It's a bit hard to see the ghosted lines, but they all look very confident and accurate, they tend to bend just a little bit but as long as you're drawing in a comfortable position and keep your shoulder relaxed and trust in your muscle memory you'll be good to go.

Remember to take a pic of the ghosted planes before you add the ellipsis in the plane so that the viewers can see how they looked, other than that they look great however they are a bit hard to see with the blue lines inside of them. Try to use darker colors and to preview the photos before submitting so that it won't be too much of a strain on the viewers.

The table of ellipsis look fantastic, and so do the funnels! Nice.

The plotted perspective looks great, just try not to draw too many boxes so that it doesn't look too crowded on the paper. The rough perspective looks great as well. That's as far as I can crit, but the rotated boxes looks a bit weird, the rotating boxes are supposed to be one big circle of boxes, sounds a bit weird to describe, but it does look a bit. weird seeing it sectioned off in different areas, were those for practice?

Anyways have nice day and hope you find this helpful!

4:52 PM, Tuesday April 14th 2020

Hey hey, thank you so much for the reply, didn't expect to receive one so soon "^-^, i'd say it puts a lot of things i didnt notice into perspective, so i appreciate it a lot. I'll try to get some pens to use asap, im excited to figure them out. As for the review, i do tend to draw a bit too small hence why the boxes getting crowded, though i am working on it and this course is the n.1 source of help with it. The rotated ones i didnt quite understand at first and yes, i wanted to practice a few but i realized only one (bigger) was needed a bit too late so i might end up re-doing it. Thanks again for your input! Ill do my best.

8:28 PM, Wednesday April 15th 2020

Np, using ink is highly recomended for the lessons because it doesn't let you erase your mistakes,(unless you have erasable pens lol), and it can be easier to see sometimes, but that could have been lighting lol. Also some advice i recieved when i drew too small, it was literally to draw bigger, sounds kinda straightforward but sometimes it helps to remember that, especially when it comes to drawing. The lessons are there so that you can understand the concept of it, not everyone is gonna be able to nail it on the first try, but as long as you show that you understand the concept of it that's all that really matters. Anyways, hope you found this helpful and have a nice day!

Next Steps:

Tackle the 250 box challenge, you'll definitlely see an improvement in your boxes and everything else!

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