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11:38 PM, Friday July 24th 2020
  1. Subdivide what is needed.

  2. Same idea - if you're drawing it from an angle from which you can see those complicated forms along the underside, then obviously you draw them. If you're drawing it from an angle you cannot see them from, then there would be no point in doing so. If however you can see a small portion of such a form, you should draw the whole thing - meaning if you can see that cone-like form through the opening, you should draw the whole cone.

8:05 PM, Saturday July 25th 2020

thanks for the clarification! also on the lesson 6 page we are allowed to use tools to help us out? (rulers/ellipse guides etc etc)

it also says

Whenever drawing freehand, I still want you to apply the methodology I've outlined in the past - the ghosting method, drawing through ellipses, and so on.

in which areas are we allowed to use rulers and such vs freehand drawing?

8:48 PM, Saturday July 25th 2020

That is up to you. Students are allowed to use tools for whatever they wish, but there will be circumstances where you may want to freehand a line instead of reaching for a tool, in which case the old rules must still be applied.

Most of these questions can be answered by the community either on the discord server, the subreddit or the discussion/question section of the website, and you should be asking them there before coming to me.

2:51 AM, Sunday July 26th 2020

Ok sorry about that again thanks for helping out!

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