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2:09 PM, Monday June 6th 2022

1 page of organic intersection

2:50 PM, Tuesday June 7th 2022

Thank you for bearing with my revision, Now i'll be moving on to critiquing your work.

Overall you've improved and follow the instruction nicely, (Drawing through form, using line weight only to show dominance where the form intersect) While being confident with your line too, There isn't really much to critique here Except mini unstable sausages form on the right, Which felt like it's about to fall off a bit, But I think you've done well

Next Steps:

Feel free to continue on to Lesson 3 while doing all 3 (Lesson 1 , 250 Boxes , Lesson 2) as a daily warm-up

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2:52 PM, Tuesday June 7th 2022

Thank you! You helped me much

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