Hello, I’ll be doing your critique today!

Organic Arrows

Extremely nice sense of perspective and depth; in some of the arrows you’ve drawn the hatched lines on the outside, we’re trying to indicate a shadow that helps add to the depth like so:


Organic forms with contour lines

The ellipses are drawn well and they curve along with the sausage well. But they don’t rotate like I’d expect them to. This might help:


Remember that the angle of the ellipse changes depending on the view:


The contours have less of an issue with the angles but can be improved still.


Good analysis, I the last analysis the darkness is starting from left, yet the texture is darkening on the right, but it's fine.


Good textures, they wrap around the form well and break the silhouette well.

Form Intersections

It seems like you understand the concept, but some of them (mainly the third page) don’t have the intersections drawn on them.

Organic Intersections

Great sausages, they feel almost real on the first page! Nice shadows on the first page, they seem a little too thin on the second page though.

I hope this helped!