Guess I'm too kind then :D

1. Lines

Superimposed Lines: Slight wobbling, as well as arcing, a couple instances of fraying.

Ghosted Lines: Good placement, no wobbling here, but there is some slight arcing here and there.

Ghosted Planes: Same issues as listed above.

2. Ellipses

Table of Ellipses: There are overlaps in a few instances, as well as over/undershooting, these do need more confidence to eliminate that wobble wobble and lopsidedness.

Ellipses in Planes: As previously stated, more confidence needed.

Funnels: Same issues as above, there are some ellipses that are not properly aligned to the minor axis line.

3. Boxes

Plotted Perspective: This exercise was completed correctly, the backing line is slightly skewed in a few boxes, but this is expected.

Rough Perspective: You follow the horizontal/vertical rule fairly well, same issues with the lines as stated above.

Rotated Boxes: Corners are kept close, good. Most of the boxes are rotating correctly, but barely any rotation on the top of the boxes on (-1,0) and (-2,0).

Organic Perspective: As always, there are issues with the perspective, but the 250 boxes will fix that.