I don't generally do this, but this case is something of a unique one. I've cancelled your submission and returned to you the 2 credits you spent on it. The reason for this is that your work is not adhering to many of the principles covered in earlier lessons, and to try and address them here in the context of this particular lesson would not be an efficient use of your credits, nor of my time.

This came up with your last submission (which was 9 or 10 months ago, itself over a year after the submission before it), but I did the critique anyway in the hopes that I'd be able to redirect your focus towards the importance of ghosting your lines, and to review Lesson 1 and 2. Based on your results here, you've not done that.

I'm going to ask you to start over from Lesson 1, with a clean slate. If you'd rather not, then let me know and I'll refund the latest payment you made.