250 Box Challenge

7:43 AM, Saturday January 13th 2024

250 Freehand Boxes Challenge - Google Drive

250 Freehand Boxes Challenge - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jGhwl4I-BKqiAigXLfDX2WgXVhLhUmI1?usp=drive_link

This was a really educational challenge. I felt my improvement everytime I drew another box. Tried to experiment with dramatic foreshortening a little bit here and there as well.

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6:02 PM, Monday April 15th 2024

Hello. With the concepts we studied throughout Lesson 1, you successfully overcame Drawabox's titular challenge. Well done!

Don't forget to look at the funny and… interesting comic by Uncomfy one more time.


• Line Extensions: The purpose of these tools is to assist us in analyzing the behavior of those lines as they become farther away, including whether they converge or diverge. At this point, you should be experienced at extending your lines back, but it's still very crucial that you take care to make sure it's in the correct direction.

• Perspective: In order to bring the focus of the analysis closer to sets of convergent lines, the Y Method provides a more structured approach, and the line extensions themselves reinforced the matter of convergence. The corner that is closest to the viewer is represented by the central point of the Y, which is where all the arms link, in the conventional way that we build our boxes using the Y Method.

• Construction Lines: Your line quality improves dramatically while retaining confidence. This requires you to spend the greater part of your time in the stages of preparation and planning, and then confidently and unhesitatingly completing each mark. Understand that confidence comes before precision.

• Improvement: These advantages have been made in line extensions, convergence, confident linework, etc. I would say that all of your boxes were consistently good from start to finish!


• Convergence: I think you did a good job, but make sure the lines converge as precisely and as continuously as possible by concentrating on the sets of lines. Pay attention to the way your marks overlap, and whenever you are deciding how to reorient a specific line, always consider all four edges of that set - the ones you have already drawn, the one you are drawing right now, and the ones you haven't drawn yet.

• Experimentation of Boxes: Maintaining this behavior gives us advantages and advances our spatial reasoning. Engage with the lengths and angles of the Y's arms to change its orientation and proportions.

You drew a lot of cube-shaped boxes - I would like you to draw thinner ones in the future.


check out Uncomfortable and the schizo comic he made

You may move on to Lesson 2.

Ultimately, this is nothing more than practice, and the goal is to gradually optimize and further develop our spatial thinking abilities rather than constructing a perfect box. The idea is to become enough familiar with three-dimensional space so that it doesn't stand in the way of your ability to express yourself through art. Furthermore, conquering this task will be an internal source of strength that you can rely on to overcome any obstacle - rather than something external to strive for. Like Uncomfy explained, the greatest effect that became clearly visible over time was the level of control it created in you and, perhaps more importantly, the awareness of this self-control as an inherent part of who you are. But having genuine confidence in your ability to succeed isn't the initial step; rather, it's the final reward. "Complete this overwhelming task, and you can complete any overwhelming task."

Congratulations on completing the 250 Box Challenge - as frustratingly boring as it probably was. Though the journey through art is long, this is your first step past the fundamentals and a miracle will happen for sure. Don't give up yet.

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1:17 PM, Thursday April 18th 2024

Thanks a lot for taking your time and reviewing my work, I appreciate the feedback! Cheers.

3:54 PM, Friday April 19th 2024

You're welcome.

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