Hello Ark! Overall you've done a pretty good submission, there are a few things I want to comment on, so let's go section by section:

Starting with your lines you're drawing them super confidently and drawing them pretty accurately overall, which is great! The only minor thing I see is that sometimes you don't commit to lines fully and they get a bit wobbly, might just have been accidentally, but just in case remember that it's more important to commit and draw a confident line that misses than to change trajectory and hit the ending dot by making the line wobbly.

Sometimes on some pages of the ghosted planes you forget to draw starting and ending dots for some lines as well, make sure you always do it as it's important for the ghosting method.

Moving onto your ellipses you're doing a great job at drawing them confidently as well. One thing on them is that sometimes the shapes they make are a bit uneven, so try to always make sure you're thinking on making the shapes of the ellipses even and symmetrical.

On the ghosted planes you seem to try to change the shape of the ellipses so they touch the contact points, but don't do this. Like I said earlier the ellipses have to be symmetrical, so you can't change their shape so they fit where they want, as they would stop being symmetrical and thus stop being ellipses.

The centre of the ellipses doesn't have to be the same as the centre of the planes as well, I think that might be confusing you.

Finally in your boxes a few things:

-Lines in boxes get a bit wobblier than usual. Your first priority with lines in boxes as well is to make them confident and straight, so focus on that first and don't worry if you need to sacrifice accuracy to achieve it.

Here's one example, top line is a level 1 line, and bottom line is a level 0 line. This is because a confident line will always be better than a wobbly line in these exercises. So try to shift your mindset to think about these levels. A Line that's confident is a level 1, and a non confident one is a level 0 and that's all it matters. How good the result looks doesn't matter.

-Accuracy on the perspective on the rough perspective exercise is pretty nice, good job! The main thing here is that you seem to have trouble at times keeping height lines perpendicular to the horizon line, and width lines parallel to it. I know it's hard, but make sure you always are aiming for it. You can check if the starting and ending dots are correct or not, and if you find that they aren't you can change them. You can put down as many dots as you want as long as it's before drawing the actual line.

-On rotated boxes you've done a good job at keeping boxes clean, rotating the boxes and keeping the corners between boxes together. Only thing is that some of the corners between boxes that are farther away get a bit too far away from each other. Try to always start drawing the next boxes by the corners that are close between boxes, it will make it easier.

-Lastly on organic perspective you're making a good attempt as well, the perspective of the boxes have some issues at times, but no need to worry about it as you'll work on it on the box challenge. The other thing I see here is that when you add lines you do it by tracing over previous lines slowly. Whenever you want to add lineweight to a line on drawabox the same rules of levels of ghosted lines apply. Focus on confidence over accuracy.

Overall like I said you've done a pretty good job, so I'm gonna be marking this as complete. Focus on getting all your lines to be at least level 1 lines from now on, don't forget to do warmups from now on, and good luck in the box challenge! Keep up the good work!