Lesson 6: Applying Construction to Everyday Objects

11:04 PM, Sunday February 23rd 2020

Draw a box - Lesson 6 - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/pNWVnA3

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Hi there,

I'm trying to submit my work for lesson 6 but I get an error saying that I need to finish lesson 5 first.

I already did that lesson marked as complete but I guess it's not taken into account in the new site.

Not sure what to do now...

Thanks for helping out !

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9:37 PM, Monday February 24th 2020

So that was my mistake - it seems I didn't update your reddit flair when you completed lesson 5. I've updated it within the drawabox database now, so if you go back into your account settings, disconnect and reconnect your reddit account, it should fix that issue.

I do actually have a question for you though - how on earth did you manage to submit? It was listed in the database as official but "partial" (which technically shouldn't be allowed) and you were able to set your own title, though homework submissions have their title set automatically. Can you remember how you get about that? I've fixed it all now so your submission should be legitimate and you were charged all the appropriate credits, but there's clearly a bug here that I need to pin down.

Anyway! Onto your homework critique.

Starting with your form intersections, these are coming along really well, and you're even doing a pretty good job with intersections involving curving surfaces, except for the few points I raise here. Most of these are more adjustments than corrections, like on the far right where you properly understood how an intersection between two curving surfaces resulted in a combined S curve. It just was a little... meek.

Moving onto your object constructions, you've done a really good job of following along with the demonstrations. You've taken your time, applied all the necessary subdivisions, and adhered strongly to the underlying construction as you gradually broke things down into greater levels of detail. You definitely did struggle when it came to the barrel, and I believe you inadvertently skipped some steps, but your second attempt came out much better. There were still issues in terms of aspects of your reference being missed and ignored (like the full right side of the barrel). All the same, this is definite progress.

Moving on from there however into your own constructions, you really take off like a rocket. Most of these weren't simple, basic things - your switch controller and the ps4 controller were complex, and you met that challenge with confidence. The positioning of all your elements is basically spot on, and the result feels cohesive and solid. There's just one issue I want to address on the switch controller, to do with which areas you decided to fill in with solid black. We can see this issue in your lighter drawing as well.

Basically, as shown here and also explained in this section of the newly rewritten lesson 2 texture section, you only want to use those solid black shapes to capture the shadows that are cast by forms upon other surfaces. In these drawings, you've instead used them to capture form shading - where the surface of the form itself is what gets lighter or darker depending on its orientation relative to the light source. Cast shadows and form shading are fundamentally different things.

Aside from that, your work here is phenomenal, and from those barrels to your own constructions, you've done an amazing job. Keep up the fantastic work and consider this lesson complete.

Next Steps:

Move onto the 25 wheel challenge next.

This critique marks this lesson as complete.
10:08 AM, Tuesday February 25th 2020

Hi Uncomfortable,

Thanks for the review and clearing my shadows issue ;) Regarding the bug, here what I did:


  1. Create a New Post, Drawabox Homework

  2. Submit for Official Critique checked

  3. Filled Link to image, description and checked all the assignement checklist checkboxes

  4. Then I noticed the site wouldn't let me post because of not having lesson 5 completed

5. So I switched the submission type to Question/Discussion Topic and somehow when I submitted my question it also submitted the assigment along side :)

Hope it will help,

Btw, Congratulation for the new site, it's great !

8:00 PM, Tuesday February 25th 2020

Thanks for being so thorough! I suspected that was exactly what you'd done, and it makes sense. I'll get that fixed when I have a chance.

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