Hi ABLOCKOFGOUDA, I know you already received a review for your assignments but I wanted to give you a brief critique so you'll have a better understanding on what to work on.

One of the first things we try to improve in these exercises is line quality. When we try to draw a straight line, our brains work hard to do it exactly straight so it changes the direction of our pen when it feels like we go off track. This result in wobbly and unconfident lines, the way to fix this is to deactivate our inner dialogue about the quality of the line and draw a single stroke from our shoulder without thinking. It'll be easier to draw straight lines if you ghost your line about 3-4 (more if necessary) times before you draw it. So you judge the quality of your line after you draw it, not during. Resist the urge to draw from your wrist or fingers, relax your shoulder and upper body before you draw your line so the tenseness of your muscles won't be reflected to your drawings. It gets better with practice, you'll se improvement in a quick way as you keep drawing the lines as instructed in the lessons. Good luck!