Crumpled Paper Texture

1:35 AM, Monday April 20th 2020

The first texture in the texture analysis is supposed to be crumpled paper ( not sure it is always followed or still the rule ). Anyway.

I am doing this and obviously finding it challenging when using a fineliner which is either on or off when much of the image is midtoned.

Any idea whether cross hatching is allowed or is it just a combination of black and white that is required.

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4:26 AM, Monday April 20th 2020

No cross hatching unless the texture really looks like that (which you'll find crumbled paper does not). The point of the assignment is that challenge that you only have black and white to work with and you have to determine the shapes of the shadows. Maybe take a look at some other submissions to see how people tackled the problem.

8:18 AM, Monday April 20th 2020
edited at 8:23 AM, Apr 20th 2020

I had a look at recent ones but nobody was doing crumpled paper for the first one. Even the example one in the exercise didn't.

But thanks for the response, I assumed this was the case but wanted to check.

edited at 8:23 AM, Apr 20th 2020
11:30 AM, Tuesday April 21st 2020

Thanks for this. I think I am on the right track.

12:54 PM, Monday May 4th 2020

Thank you, this was very useful for me aswell

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