Congrat on completing lesson 2 m8 but enough talk let's get to the good stuffs

Organic Arrows:

+Your lines are a bit wobbly,while it's fair that it's tricky to replicate an identical curves to the first you should always prioritize confident smooth flow using the ghosting method.

+Some of your line weight seem to be all over the place,be subtle and only use it to clarify overlaping lines.

+I can see that you have made a conscious attempt to apply perspective,i think you can do a much better job at showing them more clearly cuz it's very minimal from what i can see.

Organic Forms:

With Ellipses:

+Your ellipses are a little bit wobbly,i understand that you want to fit them into the form but prioritize smooth and confident ellipses above all.

+Where da minor axis bro? You're suppose to put in a minor axis so you can allign your ellipses,removing them makes you missed out a major part of this exercise.

With Contour Lines:

+Your contour line arent curving the whole way through,make sure you overshoot them a little bit to make the form look more believable cuz right now they look pretty flat,contour lines are tools to help your form look more 3D and when you flatten them out like this you ruined the illusion.


+Congrat for managed to finish this one lol it was a real tough one,tho it doesnt seem like you're following the instructions of the courses for this one(sorry if im wrong)but i can see you managed to get the main idea of the exercise.Just make sure for future work you follow the rules that has been set out.


+On the first page you're not rlly breaking the silhouette and some of your textures arent following the curvature of the form,this'll break the illusion that your form is a 3d object which is a no no.

+Not really a mistake here but try to make your drawing BIGGER.drawing big will help you notice your mistake quicker (since there's no room to hide hahahaha) which is good if you want to improve for next time.

Form Intersection:

You did a good job making most of the object look like they belong on the same scene so good job on this part and since i havent understood this excerise that well so i cant give you advice on the intersection themselves sorry m8.

Organic Intersection:

Your sausages look a lot better on this one so +1 points and looks like you got the gist of it so not much to say here other than some of your cast shadows are kina sticking to the form casting it so keep that in mind for next warm ups.