250 Box Challenge

9:35 PM, Friday April 21st 2023

250 Box Challenge - Album on Imgur

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This drill was really a pain for me. The first 60 boxes was done one and a half year before and then i postponed and postponed and postponed. Now I'm back and completed the missing 190 boxes to get things done.

250 boxes... I did it!

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9:32 PM, Wednesday June 7th 2023

Congratulations, this is a beast!

So I saw on the first 50, the lines and hatching were clean, and you had a good variation of convergence and box shape. You had some struggles with diverging lines, and some convergences pointing the wrong way. A few were missing the third set of lines.

However, by the middle 100, your convergences were improving, and you were drawing them pointing the correct direction. By the last 50, the were looking really solid!

Next Steps:

On to lesson 2! Also, if you haven't joined the discord yet, they have a critique exchange where you can critique 5 submissions, then have your submission added to a spreadsheet to get critiqued faster! (Details are in the pinned post.) Plus, you can get feedback along the way in the channels dedicated to each lesson.

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7:10 PM, Sunday June 11th 2023

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide feedback on my work and for the effort you put into reviewing it. I appreciate critique. Thanks as well for the time you dedicated to helping me improve. I will reflect my work based on your insights. I'm grateful for your support.



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