Switching to patreon critiques

2:42 PM, Wednesday August 4th 2021

so far I have received community critiques but if I was to switch to patreon critiques, I would happily redo lesson 1 and lesson 2 but is redoing the 250 box challenge necessary or would that also have to be redone fully?

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3:54 PM, Wednesday August 4th 2021

While we don't force students to redo the 250 box challenge in full, we do ask that they do at least 50 additional boxes after receiving their official feedback/completion for lesson 1, so we can see any such feedback applied in them. When you've done the additional 50 boxes, you can submit them alongside the original 250 boxes.

And, of course, you will need to do Lessons 1 and 2 over, as you mentioned.

4:57 PM, Wednesday August 4th 2021

Ok thats a relief, thanks for the reply, would that mean i will have to redo the dissections as I have put a lot of effort in them. I've managed to earn some money to pay for patreon but the prospect of redoing dissections makes me feel kind of demoralised, however i do understand that going through them again will give me more consistent feedback

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