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9:15 PM, Monday August 16th 2021

Well done on finishing Lesson 1! I have a few things to point out about your homework.

-Good job on the Lines section! There's a few lines here and there that are wobbly, but that should be resolved with more practice.

-The ellipses section looks pretty good, although I did see on the Ellipses in Planes exercise that you were missing an ellipse on one of your planes. Make sure that when you submit homework, you finish the homework completely. Also, try to make make sure that the ellipses touch each side of the plane.

-Make sure to follow instructions carefully. On the rough perspective and organic perspective exercise make sure to draw the three frames for each page.

-Also, don't do more pages than Uncomfortable assigns, as I saw you have 4 pages of Rough Perspective. He goes into the topic of grinding in Lesson 0 and why you shouldn't do it.

Overall, you did pretty well and I think you're ready to move on to the 250 Box Challenge.

Next Steps:

Keep doing previous exercises for warm ups and make sure you read and follow the instructions of the homework carefully. Now, work on the 250 Box Challenge before going on to Lesson 2.

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10:32 PM, Monday August 16th 2021

Superimposed lines: Well done. The C-curve lines have a bit of fraying on both ends, but this is a minor issue that's only visible in those lines. The rest don't have that problem.

Ghosted Lines: Your lines are confident and accurate, which is good for a first attempt. There is some overshooting, but it's minor, and with practice it should decrease.

Table of Ellipses: Your ellipses are a bit wobbly, and it appears you drew through a few more than twice. If you did it three times, that's fine, though more than that is not recommended by the instructions. Your bottom right table has some missing space. This is a bit of a missed opportunity to place in some extra, smaller ellipses. But it's not a big issue and given the size of the larger ellipses in that table, I'd understand why you'd leave them out. If you choose to do table of ellipses as a warmup for future lessons (which I highly recommend because it's important to maintain and improve drawing ellipses especially for this course), then remember to make the most of the space you have in any given table.

Ellipses in Planes: You forgot to put an ellipse in one of your planes. The ones you completed are pretty solid, though there are instances where your ellipse does not meet the corners of the plane. The most noticeable one is right above the one on the bottom right (from looking at the photograph at least), the one where the ellipse stretches diagonally along the plane. You might have only thought of those two corners and forgot about letting your ellipse touch all four sides of the plane. You did this again on the second page twice. Keep this in mind if you decide to use this exercise as a warmup!

Funnels: There is a bit of overlap in some of your funnels, but overall you were able to keep most of them cut evenly through the minor axis. Well done.

Rough Perspective: Your line quality could use some work, but you followed the instructions very well and your convergences weren't too far off.

Plotted Perspective: Very well done. I don't really see any mistakes here to be honest.

Rotated Boxes: My only criticism here is that there is a bit of asymmetry across the entire formation of boxes, which is a result of some guesswork early on which accumulates as you go from the center of the first box to the outermost boxes. A minor mistake, but keep an eye out for that, because the more you use neighboring boxes to accurately determine the position of the next box, the more together your work will appear.

Organic perspective: Good job with the scale of the boxes.

Next Steps:

You followed the instructions and are starting off really strong. Keep at it. I do recommend you use ellipses as a warmup prior to ever page of the 250 box challenge that you do. Practice Ellipses and maybe some ghosted lines, and/or another exercise of your choice to maintain and improve your spatial awareness and line confidence. Good luck!!!

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