Partial 250 Box Challenge submission

6:03 AM, Wednesday May 27th 2020

Drawabox 250 box challenge. 1-110 - Album on Imgur


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I am about half way through 250 box challenge. I am seeing pretty dood progress in last few pages since using a physical model as a starting point. I recognize some arc in my lines and trying to focus on not using my elbow. Also see that I should put more line weight around silhouette.

Feedback would be appreciated.


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4:05 PM, Wednesday May 27th 2020

i like that youre trying a lot of different shapes and associating them with real objects like tower, tea box, etc. i like that youre including your own notes to refer to and work on. i see a lot of improvement with convergence points. i feel like youre really growing towards mastering this challenge. keep it up!

its interesting to see the mistakes you make when you try new things, new sizes, new angles, and then you work on them and correct them. thats a great work ethic. be courageous and keep experimenting. i need to do much much more of that and get away from my comfort zone. thanks.

10:06 PM, Wednesday May 27th 2020

thanks for having a look.

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