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5:55 AM, Friday March 11th 2022

Hello Cpinzon my name is trollfromhell and i am gonna give u my critiques if your lesson 1


your super imposed lines are fraying on both ends,u should know that when u stroke ur lines u must use ghosting method so you will hit it with better accuracy,fraying is only acceptable at the far end

-your ghosted lines are good

2.elipses in the planes

when you draw through elipses twice make sure u keep the lines close together so they will look clean

3.tables of elipses

u need to ghost your elipses before u draw them,just like u ghost straight lines with your shoulder u also draw elipses with your shoulder too also if needed rotate the paper to draw elipses


the minor axis (the line in the middle) should cut ellipses in 2 symetrical halves.

5.plotted perspective

you should put darker lines for shadow but other than it looks clean and neat

6.rough perspective

your lines should be parallel to horizon and height lines perpendicular to horizon,make sure they are 90 degree whether they are horizontal or vertical lines of your boxes,put dots to draw the face of the box

7.rotated boxes

they are okay and i think you will learn more in 250 boxes exercise perspective

keep the size of your boxes like cube from smaller becoming bigger i reccomend u to strart drawing with Y rather than any angle

Next Steps:

2 super imposed lines

1 ellipses in funnels

1 rough perspective

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
7:03 PM, Saturday March 12th 2022


Thank you for responding so quickly! I just finished the revision assignment and posted it here on imugr:

Please let me know what the next step is! Thanks for the help!

11:18 AM, Wednesday March 16th 2022

lines are okay but ur elipses need to be cut in half with minor axis (the middle line) and your rough perspective is also good but u need to use ghosting method with ur shoulder not your wrist to connect the lines which forming boxes

other than that you have finished this lesson 1

Next Steps:

but ur elipses

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