Lesson 6: Applying Construction to Everyday Objects

10:23 AM, Friday June 2nd 2023

DrawABox Lesson 6 - Album on Imgur

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Hello fellow DAB students and artists,

this is my Lesson 6 submission and damn it was also harder than I thought…I had a lot of fails at first and kind of still needed to get used to the concept of using grids etc. to really plan out my drawings but it definitely helped to understand perspective, linework and especially the construction of objects much more rather than just “drawing” something you see. It’s kind of an combination of constructing, observing and lastly executing your drawing where you need to carefully watch out for details.

Definitely learned a lot from this lesson, especially to not give up lmao as it kind of can get frustrating when you’re not getting something right from the first few tries as well as to overcome the need of perfectionism but rather than to execute a well done drawing that doesn’t need to be 100% like your reference. :’) Just to really get the essence of an object really does sell a lot already and also helps you to understand it’s core function more!

Anyway, I’m open for criticism as well as any help that can be offered from y’all! Thanks for going through my drawings as well as reading through my text. :)

Have a nice day!

P.S.: I didn’t include some of my 2D studies and plan constructions of every object but rather than that sometimes also just studied/observed the 3D object immediately and did a study of that beforehand (mostly digitally).

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