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1:07 AM, Friday April 30th 2021

Hi KamiyaSora,

Thanks for the thorough review and for addressing my questions. I think you're right that I may have gotten too hung up on the accuracy of my lines after planning, especially since I was getting a better idea of where they needed to align for accurate convergences.

The link you sent for box construction is great to see because I started noticing that specific process leading to more accurate results. I don't remember how early on I employed that method, but I experimented with a few others and that one seemed to work best. I never saw that process explained anywhere prior but it's certainly nice to have some confirmation on my trial and error approach.

I also appreciate the advance box exercises, I'm not sure how I missed those but I can see how they will be very useful, especially the second exercise in regards to future lessons. I will most definitely give them a shot and stay fresh on boxes for warmups. Thanks again!

  • youenoh
2:50 PM, Monday May 24th 2021

I am a bit late but I am glad I could be of help. I hope you will keep improve and be a much better artist.

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