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2:45 AM, Sunday March 28th 2021

I don't think it will matter for that purpose if that's what you want to do. I think many people may start out with this idea of the work being precious but it really isn't. It's the process and brain changes that are the reward.

Good luck whatever you choose. It is hard work but the benefit is huge.

2:53 AM, Sunday March 28th 2021

I really appreciate you giving feedback so quickly! I'm looking forward to getting into the lessons and seeing my improvements over time. I'm a software developer by trade but the idea of signing off of computers and drawing for hours sounds so relaxing. Of course I'm really new and can't draw much of anything well yet, but I hope to develop my skills over time.

12:10 AM, Tuesday March 30th 2021

You aren't forced to use copy paper, just keep in mind that you're going to do hundreds of pages throughout drawabox, so you're gonna need a ton of these sketchbooks. Most of the work you're gonna be doing is also the warmups you'll have to do before every session, which normally use 1 page or so.

If you also take sketchbooks make sure it's at least A4 size, don't go for anything smaller

7:26 AM, Thursday April 1st 2021

Great point on the warm-ups! I'll probably opt for cheaper paper for the really repetitive things...which come to think of it could potentially be the entire course, I guess. Thank you for responding!

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