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2:33 AM, Thursday December 2nd 2021

In my opinion your pages of revisions feel incredibly rushed when compared to your other pages, it doesn't seem like you put all the effort you could have into it. Since these are messier and have less arrows and sausages, to me it comes across as if you just did the bare minimum to fill the page.

I'm not sure why but in case you need to hear this: sometimes putting too much effort into a piece or homework is draining and exhausting, and that's okay, it's okay to take a break if you know you're going to rush a piece. This is why we encourage others do it at their own pace and do these exercises to the best of their current ability, if you rush to just "get it done" you won't get as much quality study from your session. Trust me, you'll get much more out of it if you slow down a bit.

The hatching of your arrows is much more chaotic and overall less clean and tidy than in your first pages, and with the arrows overlapping over other arrows with no superimposed lines on some of them makes it hard to read what line belongs to what arrow. Remember the hatching should be neat and go from one end to the next, and not past it. You still face major size consistency problems and problems with naturally bending your arrows.

There is a lot of blank space in your organic intersections page that could have been used for extra sausages and so extra practice, and your shadows don't follow the form of the sausage underneath them.

I don't like beating a dead horse so I'll mark your homework page as complete, but I'd really like you to slow down a bit.

Next Steps:

Move on to Lesson 3, but be mindful of bad habits such as rushing, reread the L2 material especially on arrows before doing any warm ups and homework pages for L3.

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3:06 AM, Thursday December 2nd 2021

Thank you so much for the advice, I'll try not to rush so much later on. My current fineliners aren't the best in which they fade out during long lines but not short ones, so that's where the arrows hard to see come from. I did notice I wasn't doing my best during these but I also didn't want to retry what I failed at and end up grinding so it felt like resignation and compromise on my own end. But once again I thank you for letting me continue and complete this lesson, I'll trust the fact you see I'm ready to move forward despite the fumbling.

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