Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

9:16 PM, Thursday September 2nd 2021

Album — Postimages

Album — Postimages:

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Finished lesson 1 finally!

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10:37 PM, Thursday September 2nd 2021

Good job getting through the 1st lesson! I have a couple of points you might want to keep in mind, but make sure you don't try to grind any of the exercises. Its just a thing to look for in your warmups.

Superimposed lines-- This is a good exercise to come back to from time to time to work on wobbly lines. While the lines in your submission do wobble, that is something that is just going to get better with time. You do a good job of lining up your starting point and the fraying isn't really too bad. Just make sure that you execute your lines with confidence.

ellipses-- Overall, your ellipses are really nice! Keep drawing through ellipses to build up that consistent motion. One point you might want to practice more of though is really pushing yourself in terms of varying the degree of your ellipses.

organic perspective-- Your organic perspective exercise--along with your rough perspective exercise-- do have some issue with perspective, but that is something that will get improved with the 250 box challenge. As you get started with the challenge though, you might want to come back to these boxes to see exactly why the perspective is off.

That's pretty much all of my feedback. I didn't really have something to say for everything, particularly because some of the issues do overlap--like that of the wobbly lines--and I didn't think pointing that out again really offered anything new.

Next Steps:

At this point you should be good to move on to the 250 box challenge. Remember to draw through your boxes!

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10:55 PM, Thursday September 2nd 2021

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Yeah the perspective excercises where pretty tough but I hope to improve with the 250 boxes challenge.

9:00 PM, Sunday September 12th 2021

Thanks for your reply, and your tips I really appreciate it. I'm nearly finished of the 250 box challenge, hopefully my perspective is improving.

What I don't understand is, why is someone else commenting on my comments?

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