Hello, I'll be critiquing your lesson 1 :)


-First off, your superimposed lines are looking great and very confident. You started from a clear point and kept the fraying at one end as expected. It's always good to prioritize the confidence over the accuracy of the line.

-Ghosted lines look great as well and I see that they are not wobbly. I don't see any issues that need to be mentioned here.

-Your ghosted planes are the same as the ghosted lines. I see that you also did well at keeping your lines in a consistent trajectory even if they missed the point, but if they ever arch just remember to have confidence because accuracy will come with further practice. Otherwise, I think you did very well.


-Your table of ellipses are looking fine, but I see that some of them tend to wobble. Another issue I'd like to mention is that they have to be symmetrical and well rounded at each end. I'm sure all of this will improve with further practice.

-In the ellipses in planes, your ellipses are improving in regards to confident lines. Also make sure to keep these ellipses well rounded and symmetrical because no matter where an ellipse is, all you have to do is change the width and position they are in. One more thing is that you don't have to make the ellipse touch all contact points in a plane.

-In the funnels excercise, your ellipses are looking very well rounded and tidy. You also did well with keeping them aligned with the axis. Any issues here will improve.


-In the rough perspective, your lines look very confident here, but remember to freehand all of them. I see that some of your estimations are a bit off, but this won't be an issue as of now.

-In the rotated boxes excercise, I see you gave a good attempt at the perspective of the boxes. Always remember to give yourself more space to make it easier to draw your marks and think about the positions of the boxes.

-In your orgainc perspective, your linework looks very confident and any issues regarding the perspective of these boxes will later be addressed in the 250 Box Challenge. Lastly, it's good to add lineweight to clarify how far or close the boxes are.

*Use this lesson as a warm up

I'll go ahead and mark your lesson as complete and you should be able to move on :)