Continue or Restart?

8:38 PM, Friday May 12th 2023

After over a year of not touching Drawabox, I am ready to get back to it now. I was in the middle of the 250 box challenge, around 40 boxes, and was wondering whether I should restart the challenge or the course completely. What should I do?

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7:43 AM, Sunday May 14th 2023


As your lesson 1 was marked complete, I would say it depends if you still remember what were the goals of it (confidence over accuracy when making marks, plot before making marks, ghosting, drawing from your shoulder, first approaches of box, perspective, etc.).

If so, your first executions might be a bit inconsistent, but because of lack of practice.

Also to be taken into account if you were drawing during this period, you might have improved as well as maintained ‘bad’ habits in drawing.

As we’re supposed to use previous lesson homework in our warmup sessions, and specifically on what the critiques point out to pay more attention, I think you can try with some warmups, and then consider if you should start over all the course or only the challenge, or go on the 250 box challenge.

Asking for feedbacks on the discord server is also an idea. I have the feeling ppl are more reactive in there than on the website.

I’m still new to DaB so my thoughts might be totally off track, but that’s what I understood of the process.

Anyway, welcome back in DaB and enjoy drawing box !

4:18 PM, Friday May 26th 2023

I appreciate your response, thank you!

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