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7:07 AM, Saturday April 1st 2023

Hello SCAR23, congratulations on completing the lesson one.

Now lets have a look at your attempt.


Your superimposed lines seems confident and there is little to no fraying at the beginning of the lines, so a great work there. And the fraying at the end seems not too scattered in most lines as well, but do not worry about that for now, it will improve with deliberate warmups in future. But, there are some arching in your lines, it can happen when we are not using shoulder as pivot point or even if shoulder is pivot then there can be some degree of natural arch to it, so if those are the case then don't worry it takes time to get used to using shoulder as pivot and if you have a natural arch tendency then consciously making an effort to negate that arch by making a downward arch of similar degree might help.

Your ghosted lines and planes have a good confident stroke as well and you have plotted the points for lines as well which is good, so overall your attempt is done really well.


Most of your ellipses are drawn with confident strokes and been drawn through atleast twice which is good, and the funnel exercise is done with confident strokes as well along with smooth ellipses but we can also see few ellipses not been drawn through more than once, and some have been missing the bounds especially in table of ellipses where we can see some not touching their adjacent sides as well as ellipses, in the table of ellipses the ellipses should be kept within the bounds, each

ellipse touching each other, without overlapping.

Further in the funnels exercise we can see that the minor axis(the middle line) is not cutting most of the ellipses in two equal segments.

But do not worry about them as, for now getting a well shaped confident ellipse is our primary target and regular deliberate warmups and using shoulders while carefully ghosting them will be able to help you in these regards in long run.


Boxes are a tough ones to start with, so congratulation for attempting them with confidence. But there are few things I should mention apart from the stuff mentioned in lines segment:

In Plotted perspective, you did a great job!

In Rough perspective exercises, I saw some tilted boxes in the final panel, I should mention that the width lines should be parallel to horizon and height lines perpendicular to horizon as that helps a lot in one point perspective exercise which is the main criteria of this exercise, though this can be hard for some students, but you were able take care of it mostly so kudos to that. Further we can see some repeating of lines or "going over vertices more than once" mainly for correcting the trajectory of the inital marks, which should be avoided at all cost, you should accept whatever mark you initially made and follow along with that as main mark, with that said, as mentioned delberate regular warmups will be helpful in correcting them.

In Rotated boxes, it turned out pretty well. You also did a good job drawing through your boxes and keeping your gaps narrow and consistent. While the rotations here aren't perfect still this was a good effort overall. The more you draw and develop your spatial thinking ability the easier these rotations are to handle. This is a great exercise to come back to after a few lessons or the boxes challenge to see how much your spatial thinking ability has improved.

In Organic Perspective, as mentioned previously try not to correct your lines by going through it again do not worry about accuracy for now.

Finally in Organic perspective, you could add line weights to the silhouette by going over them once with proper ghosting method, it seems you have been doing that but I am not sure if that was intentional line weight to the box or just fixing up the previous trajectory so I will mention this "Lineweight should be added with confident ghosted lines, and solely to the part of lines to overlap, not to whole lines." for future reference that you can take care of while doing regular deliberate warmups. But overall it was a good attempt.

Next Steps:

You can move on to the infamous(crucible) 250 boxes challenge, remember take it slow, and do the warm-ups they really do wonders, more than you can imagine if done properly. My best wishes and good luck for the upcoming challenge and remember to not ignore the fifty percent rule, it can be slight daunting at first to tackle but in long run it will be really helpful.

Have a great time ahead!

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8:15 PM, Saturday April 1st 2023

Hey NIELS thanks for taking the time to go over my submitted work .

i will do my best to keep your advice in mind .

and hope you the best thanks

2:34 PM, Sunday April 2nd 2023

Thank you and likewise.

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