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7:30 AM, Monday April 3rd 2023
edited at 8:07 AM, Apr 3rd 2023

Hello TOBBE, congratulations on completing your Lesson one.

Lets have a look at your attempt.


Your superimposed lines are drawn with confidence and there is little to no fraying at the beginning so that is a good point, further do not worry about the fraying at end, it will get better with time if you do regular deliberate practice. But we can see an arch going in your straight lines, that can be due to some reasons, mainly being not taking proper time to execute or in short rushing it or there being an innate arch in your muscle memory. The former can be tackled by taking measures such as slowing it down a little bit and drawing at optimum speed and with proper planning, while the innate arch can be dealt by consciously making an effort to draw the line with negative arch of similar degree, Uncomfortable explains this better in his video and blog so if you still need a better explanation, do refer to that article.

Now it seems you have accidentally uploaded the page of a ghosted planes exercise instead of your ghosted line, don't worry it can happen sometimes, you can simply upload the pic in reply section as soon as you are able to and we will be good to go.

Apart of things mentioned earlier your ghosted planes are confident as well and in most cases you have marked the points for ghosting as well which is a good thing as some students miss to do that. But I can also see that you have made some additional marks in there to correct the inaccurate lines you have initially drawn, so let me point this out that no matter what, do not try to correct your marks and draw more than once if your initial mark was not as you expected it to be, treat that initial mark as final and carry on with it, do not worry about the accuracy at this stage as it will improve over time with practice.


In your table of ellipses, majority of your ellipses are drawn confidently, drawn through atleast twice and are mostly bound within the area, that is they are touching the adjacent borders or ellipses. Which in my opinion is really good attempt.

Same goes for your funnels exercise, good confident strokes and most of the ellipses are being bisected equally by the minor axis(middle line) which is also a good sign. As for those ellipses which are not being bisected, do not worry about them for now, the accuracy will improve over time with deliberate warmups.

Same thing for ellipses in planes as well, a good attempt with most ellipses having confident lines and again do not worry about accuracy to touch boxes and all, they will improve over time.


The boxes are difficult at first, so again kudos for attending them nonetheless.

Your plotted perspective is done really nicely.

In your rough perspective, apart from the points mentioned above, you have taken good care to keep the width parallel to the horizon and the height perpendicular, though while executing the lines we can see little bit of shaking here and there, but apart from that, it was a good attempt. Accuracy and others will improve over time.

Your rotated boxes, it turned out pretty well. You also did a good job drawing through your boxes and keeping your gaps narrow. While the rotations here aren't perfect still this was a good effort overall. The more you draw and develop your spatial thinking ability the easier these rotations are to handle. This is a great exercise to come back to after a few lessons or the boxes challenge to see how much your spatial thinking ability has improved.

Finally the organic perspective, besids the points mentioned earlier, it is a really good attempt, kudos. And I will just add this regarding lineweights "Lineweight should be added with confident ghosted lines, and solely to the part of lines to overlap, not to whole lines." for future reference.

So overall, It was a good attempt.

I would mark your lesson as complete, I apologise but the missing page of ghosted lines is keeping me from that, hope you understand. Hope you can upload it as soon as you are able to.

Next Steps:

It weighs on my heart but hope you understand that inorder to mark this lesson complete we need all the exercises to be uploaded.

So I would like you to upload the following:

  • One page of Ghosted lines.

I wish you the best, can't wait to give you the go for 250 boxes, hope to see the image soon, have a good time ahead and take care.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
edited at 8:07 AM, Apr 3rd 2023
5:21 PM, Wednesday April 5th 2023
edited at 5:23 PM, Apr 5th 2023

Ah! Must have slipped my first submisson. I'll be more careful next time, apologies for making you come back to this post to check this.

Here are the Ghosted Lines: https://imgur.com/a/OkNgqD1

Thank you so much for your feedback! It really means a lot! I will come back to this and use it as reference in the future. Really excited to tackle these issues in further session. I wish you the best too!

edited at 5:23 PM, Apr 5th 2023
5:35 PM, Wednesday April 5th 2023

No worries, and my pleasure. Wishing you a great time ahead as well.

Next Steps:

Congratulations, now you can move towards the crucible, the 250 box challenge.

Some points before moving on:

  • Do regular warmups while taking care of the aforementioned points, they do wonders, even if you think you won't be able to draw much, then also try to squeeze atleast five minutes per day for warmup.

  • Do not hesitate to revisit lesson zero, or the lesson texts and videos if you have questions or want to recall about the exercises and warmups.

  • Do follow the fifty percent rule, you might enjoy it or you might not even feel like doing it but do it nonetheless.

  • Do not isolate, regularly post your updates in the 'basic challenges' section or the appropriate lesson channels on discord to get feedback on the work in progress.

  • And to take care of your health and sleep.

With that said, my best wishes for your future endeavours, have great time.

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