Good job getting through lesson 1!

There is clear progress on the superimposed lines from page 1 to page 2 as clearly you became more confident in your stroke. There is still some wobbling here and there, so maybe this would be a good exercise to come back to in warm ups to really get comfortable drawing from the shoulder.

Ghosted lines look good as do the planes, here you do nice straight lines. There is some problem with overshooting which seems to carry over to all the later exercises. Maybe the tip of trying to lift, rather than stop, your pen when you reach the end would help with this. With the ellipses you can again see great progress, just be sure to make the full two rounds when drawing them.

The funnels look good and the plotted perspective is done very neatly. Rough perspective looks good for this level, but you could have made the boxes a little bigger to make it more easy to draw them with the ghosting method and using your shoulder.

The rotated boxes exercise is hard, but you show great effort and good understanding on the spatial aspects. The rotations are very good and boxes have small gaps. Some line weight could have made it easier to read though. The organic perspective exercise is generally well done, but the overshooting of the lines is really apparent here, so be sure to practice that with maybe the ghosted lines exercise. Other thing that could have helped you would have been to make your boxes more varied in shape and foreshortening, now they are quite uniform in their cubeness, though this is something you can do also with the 250 box challenge.

Overall nice progress and good job. I’d say, check the problems with overshooting your lines, make sure to always use your shoulder to draw and to utilize the ghosting method and for learning the best way possible don’t be afraid to go experimental with the shapes of your boxes, then just on to the 250 box challenge. Good luck!