Hi Schnelephant! Congrats for finishing lesson 1!

I am not an expert yet but allow me to relay what I have learned when I was doing the lesson and from the critique I received.


You did a great job on the superimposed lines--- there are almost no fraying on the starting points! As for the ghosted planes, some lines overshoots and some do not meet to form the corner of the plane. A reminder that to always practice the ghosting method to improve accuracy.


There are noticeable deformed ellipses in your exercises, especially in the ellipses in planes, This is due to being hesitant and not confident with what you are doing. Always try to ghost through the ellipses first in order to "prepare" your muscles and brain in the next step you are going to take. It's good that you made the attempt for the ellipses to touch all the sides of the planes but that caused your ellipses to be deformed. I hope you take note of this and make sure also to fit your ellipses snugly in the grids when you will perform these exercises as warm-ups in the future lessons.


I noticed you had difficulty in estimating where to place the lines that will make up the "back" of the boxes. It is helpful to repeatedly ghost back your lines to the vanishing point until you find an accurate angle before actually drawing them. The rotated boxes is really a hard exercises and it is a common obstacle. They said this will be more clearer after going through the 250 boxes, which in my case was true. For the rotating boxes, it is hard to estimate where the vanishing points are. It's as if the lines, individually, have their own vanishing points. I suggest to follow the tip which is to always start with "Y" having all angles of greater than 90 degrees. Repeating this exercise after going through the lesson on this again will give you more clearer understanding of this.

Good luck!