Hi Priyajoshi, congrats on completing Lesson 1! I'll be handling your review.

You took the time to place your pen at the start of your line while doing the first exercise, you did it quite well and it's expected for longer lines to fray a bit at the end, as you keep drawing from your shoulder these too will get better.

Your ghosted lines look confident, it's okay to overshoot a bit because if you try to stop before reaching the 2nd dot your lines will not be as straight and confident as if you overshoot. You can keep your lines a bit longer and gradually reduce their length as you keep practicing

It looks like you improved your lines in ghosted planes, some of them looks like they might've drawn from the elbow so focusing on your shoulder motion instead of drawing a "straight" line will improve the quality automatically

Ellipses are hard when you're just starting out, you made a good start by following the instructions. Locking your shoulder pivot makes them smoother

Your ellipses are smoother in funnels of ellipses exercise, you can make them thinner in the middle and wider at the end, we're going to use this technique a lot in the Lesson 2

Plotted perspective good

In rough perspective keep your lines parallel or perpandecular to the horizon line as much as you can. Putting dots at the corners before you draw your boxes helps a lot with that. They look better on your second page

Good job on rotated boxes! A couple of your boxes look a bit distorted in rotated boxes but that's okay.

You did a good job on this lesson! So in summary it looks like you understood the concept and followed the instructions carefully, the only thing you need to do is to practice your shoulder motion a bit more so it'll be second nature for you.