Lesson 3: Applying Construction to Plants

10:14 AM, Friday December 10th 2021

Drawabox Lesson 3 - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/D1nEMSk

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Here is my submission for the Lesson 3,

Did my best but had hard time doing the branches exercise and still struggling with textures.

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8:01 AM, Monday February 28th 2022

Organic Arrows

Your arrows are smooth & you've compressed these as they go further away from viewer so they can flow through 3d space nicely. Did you skipped on the lineweight for these arrows? You're supposed to do lineweight(after ghosting for them & with shoulder) to show which side of the arrow is facing the viewer near the curves. Be sure to do them in your warm ups.


Nice work on maintaining the flow of leaves(also in their veins & the folded ones). The edges of leaves are done individually as intended.

I feel like you could've done some more leaves here as there is enough empty space.


You've kept ellipses perpendicular to the flow line along with changing their width gradually. Sometimes the edges of these branches are leaving visible tails, it's natural at first but with more ghosting & practice you can improve on having them overlap with adjacent edges nicely.


I see that you've included the demo plants, it's not bad if you've followed the reference but with next lesson I suggest doing more non-demo constructions.

In the 1st plant drawing, I see that you forgot to connect the curve for the petals near the top, take time for each petal(,etc) so you don't miss out on them in future.

In (2nd plant drawing)Mushroom, your ellipses are good but you should've drawn it with the minor axis as it would've improved it's vertical stability quite a lot.

Nice work on keeping the parts of plant enclosed in it's planned ellipse.

Your attempt on the shadow casting is really good as they wrap around the forms(like in the potato plant). In the next drawing, it is kind of overdone but still good try.

Overall you've done great job on these exercise, we need just little more variations in these plants as most of them are from the demo & also because this is a late critique you could use some warm up for these plants.

Next Steps:

  • Construct 2 more plant drawings maybe with fruits & such, if haven't already see the informal demos https://drawabox.com/lesson/3/8 (if you want you can do them in 1 page)
When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
7:44 AM, Monday March 7th 2022

First of all, thank you for the critique,

Organic Arrows

I skipped lineweight because I didn't know I was supposed to lineweight these.


For this part it is my bad, it is clearly said in the text that you could do a certain amount of plants following demos, but for the remaining work, you should use your own references. I misunderstood the text and did them all. Unfortunately when I saw my mistake it was already too late.

Again, I'd like to thank you for your time and for the provided critique : this was really helpful to me and will for sure help me move on the next step !

8:00 AM, Monday March 7th 2022

You're supposed to do some revisions, see the bottom section of the critique(Next Step, below Overall part)

Please reply with link to the revisions, after which I can mark this lesson as completed.

8:28 AM, Monday March 7th 2022

Sure I'm doing them right now, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear with my response.

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10:31 AM, Monday March 7th 2022

Constructed 2 Plants drawings with fruits, here's the link :


11:51 AM, Monday March 7th 2022

Nice work on these plants, they're well constructed.

Next Steps:

Feel free to start lesson 4.

I really liked doing the insects in lesson 4, so I hope you enjoy it as well.

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