Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

4:23 AM, Friday May 14th 2021

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Hello! I would really appreciate if you could give me some feedback on these exercises. Those are from all three sections (lines, ellipses, boxes) of lesson one.

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11:43 AM, Friday May 21st 2021
edited at 7:15 AM, May 23rd 2021

Hello Daijoum, congrats on finishing lesson one! I'll be looking over your submission.

Starting with your lines, you did a pretty good job here. Especially with the superimposed lines exercise, it seems that you were prioritizing confidence as much as you could. However your lines tend to get pretty wobbly with the ghosted planes/lines exercises. This implies that you were probably focusing too hard on accuracy and therefore were a bit hesitant while putting down your lines. Always remember that, especially for this lesson, confidence should always be your main goal. If you do your best to draw confidently, your lines are bound to get more accurate with time as well. This won't happen overnight though, so don't get frustrated if you aren't happy with your results now. Just keep practicing and with time, I'm sure you'll give rulers a run for their money :) Also, you can take a look at this comment by Uncomfortable if you wish to read more about ghosting and hesitation.

Your ellipses look pretty good! You generally drew confidently and you didn't forget to draw through them. You did a good job with keeping your ellipses within their bounds as well. You have a couple of slightly deformed ellipses but I'm sure your ellipses will get cleaner as you keep practicing. There are a couple of misaligned ellipses in the funnels exercise but that's not a big deal for now.

You did a really good job with your perspective exercises. Also your line quality seems to have improved in the rough perspective exercise as well which is great.

On the rotated boxes exercise, you did a good job with keeping your boxes close and using the neighboring edges to construct the next box. Using hatching definitely would've helped make the image more readable though. Also I'm seeing that you occasionally drew over your lines to correct them. Remember that trying to correct your lines with ink will only shift the viewers attention to your mistakes.

Lastly, on organic perspective, you did a pretty solid job as well. You have some diverging lines but you'll have a lot of time to work on that during the 250 Boxes Challenge.

I don't think I have anything else to add! Overall, you did great with this lesson, congratulations! I'm going to mark this lesson as complete so here are some helpful links for the box challenge: an alternate method for placing the inner corner, different orientations of boxes. That last link is for inspiration only, make sure to draw from your imagination.

Good luck!

Next Steps:

Move on to the 250 boxes challenge. Make sure to use some of the exercises from this lesson as a warmup later on.

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9:12 PM, Saturday May 22nd 2021

Hello GoodBoy123! First of all, thank you so so much for your detailed and insightful critique. You really gave me a clear explanation about what can I improve and gave me useful links so I can read more about how to correct my mistakes.I will work towards being more confident with my lines and don't correct them.Also, I'll work on cleaner and aligned ellipses during my warm-ups. I'll make sure to use hatching in the boxes I draw from now on and I'll work hard on making that each set of parallel lines converge better during the 250 boxes challenge.

Lastly,but not less important, thank you for encouraging and congratulating me. I was a little bit scared of receiving a critique, but now I see why its important and it will help me to grow.

Nice day and thank you (again,hahah).

10:03 PM, Saturday May 22nd 2021

You're welcome, I enjoyed writing the critique as well!

I'm very glad I was able to convince you to keep getting critiques. It's completely natural for us to make mistakes and I'm very happy to see that chose to accept your mistakes and started to work on them.

Working through these mistakes will definitely take time (I still have some issues with the mistakes I pointed out on the critique, for example) but the important thing is that you'll gradually get better as you keep practicing. So keep at it, good luck!

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