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1:58 AM, Friday August 6th 2021

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What exactly is this? I don't know. Is there a meaning behind it? No. Just a scene that appeared in my head one day and thought "hey cool, let me draw that for fun." This isn't the first one though, it is a recreation of a drawing I made in highschool. I lost it however, so I decided to bring it back by remaking it. I got a bunch of other things in my head I wish to draw too.

I can't say I'm proud of this one, I still struggle a lot with thinking in 3D and a lot of things turn out flat as a result. So the little island looks... off. Whatever. No point in getting mad a myself again for the 100th time because something I worked on for a long time didn't turn out great. It also looks... childish. If that is the correct word. Although I myself don't know why I think that. Must be because it doesn't look "professional" or something. Just the critical and emotional part of my brain trying to come up with reasons to hate it. And I did for quite some time but now I feel a little indifferent towards it. I don't care, garbage art is still better than nothing, and this is certainly something. I'll end it there before the self deprecation begins again.

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