Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

1:12 PM, Sunday December 12th 2021

Lesson 2 - Album on Imgur

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Lesson 2 slowly but surely done! As with last submissions, I worked on them about every day excluding weekends, though this time about an hour or two per day instead of page per day (primarily due to complexity of something like textures.)

I feel significant improvement, both during my warm-ups and my leisure drawing. Would love to hear your comments!

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6:08 PM, Sunday December 12th 2021

Hi Gekki I'll be handling the critique for your lesson 2 homework.

-Starting with the arrows, they are looking confidently drawn which is good, keep in mind that the negative space (space between the zigzaging sections of the ribbon) decreases as they move further away), also add lineweight only to the twisting parts and keep it as subtle as you can,

-Moving on to the sausages, you are doing well, although there are some that shows pinching and unequal sizes, so try to stick to the characteristics of simple sausages as shown here, regarding the contour ellipses you are doing great, you have them fitting snugly and aligned to the axis, and you also kept in mind the shifting degrees.

The contour curves look less confidently drawn, and also try to really think about what the purpose of each one is going to be, you don't need to draw as many contours as you can. But for the most part you have done well in this exercise.

-Continuing on to the texture analysis, you have focused on cast shadows but try to make the transition from light to sparse more subtle, but you are moving in the righ direction.

-In the dissections exercise I can see that you are falling into form shading, remember that it was explained in the lesson that it is not going to be used here, take your leaf texture as example, where you filled some areas with black, you were trying to convey the color.

When doing the textures we want to convey only 3D information, explicitly we want to let the viewer know how it would feel to pass their hand through the surface of the object.

And as final note regarding texture I can see that you are working with a lot of thin line textures, take a look at this, whih should help you achieve more dynamic textures.

-The form intersections exercise is just mean to get the students to think about how to think about 3D space, I see that your forms are consistent and seem to be belonging to the same space.

-Finishing with the organic intersections, you show that you sense of 3D is developing as your forms begin to wrap around each other believably, although keep in mind your light source, sometimes your shadows are cast in opposite direction.

I recommend pushing your light source to the top left or right corner of the page to start with, it's easier than working with a light directly above your form pile.

Next Steps:

I think your work is solid so I'll mark this lesson as complete

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11:50 PM, Sunday December 12th 2021
edited at 11:56 PM, Dec 12th 2021

Hi SNS, thank you so much for the critique!

The sausage forms were tricky for me in the start, absolutely. Ghosting them was difficult since we haven't done a lot of curves in Lesson 1 and 250 Box challenge, what is helping me with that right now is doing sausages and superimposed curved lines during warm-ups.

Same deal with contour lines, instead of trying to think of their purpose, I focused on ghosting the ellipse and finding the right timing to draw in the shape. By the time I got to the intersections my priorities became more clear, even though I am still very much figuring this out.

Texture analysis was a mess mentally for me, and I'm glad that you point out the mistakes. I was confused as hell and I feel like I only started to get it during my 50% leisure drawing. Thank you for the second image, that actually clarified it a lot for me.

I'll keep the light source in mind! I think I heard Uncomfortable mention that the light source doesn't really matter in the video explanation, so I tried not focusing on it too much, but I do agree that

a) I'd like to improve at it and consider it

b) it makes some parts of the image a bit confusing to read

Thank you so much for your review! Huge help.

edited at 11:56 PM, Dec 12th 2021
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