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1:55 AM, Thursday December 9th 2021

Firstly good job on completing lesson ,

But there are a few critical aspects


In many of your boxes (exercises) you had a lack of confidence in your line work, witch something every mark should have within the draw a box course. That is random wobbles in the lines. Also It doesn't help that you seem to have a habit of going your lines few times, even if your adding line weight it should still be applied with a confident relatively straight line. For example in your organic perspective the wobbling was most common and prominent. The going over lines was seen in your rotated box exercise. For the rough perspective had both issues described above but to a lesser degree, to the point where's its not much of an issues tbh. On a positive note you did appear to have good accuracy particularly with some of the rough perspective. However confidence must come befor accuracy. I know it becomes increasingly hard to follow that rule as the exercises get more demanding, but you at least need to aim at that principle.


Some ellipses where drawn through an excessive amount of times (3 plus times). I'll remind you that it should be 2 to 3 times, because otherwise the drawing gets too 'noisy'. The good thing is you only made this mistake for some of the ellipses, so you clearly understand what I've said to some degree already. Plus your accuracy on the ellispes is really, good job on that!


I had no issues with your lines. Although what was interesting is you developed this issue of wobbling as you got into the boxes, because your ghosted lines and planes exercises do not have the issue of confidence. We have to remember that concepts from previous lessons will apply to more advanced lessons.


Next Steps:

I recommend for you to complete the 250 box challenge next. Just remember that we should be favouring confidence over accuracy in terms of your lines. We dont want wobbling as per your organic perspective exercise.

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2:04 AM, Wednesday December 29th 2021
edited at 2:39 AM, Dec 29th 2021

wow, thank you so much, I thought no one would care to critique my work

really THANK YOU!!!!!

edited at 2:39 AM, Dec 29th 2021
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