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10:43 AM, Saturday May 20th 2023

Hello, I'll be reviewing your homework today! Congratulations on completing the 250 Box Challenge and showing your determination!

Things you did well on:

  • I really like the fact that you took some notes on your work. It's good to know that you can see your mistakes and try to correct them

  • All your lines are confident and you don't repeat them. Well done for maintaining the fundamentals of Lesson 1

  • At first you seemed to have trouble extending your lines in the right direction, but you got it. Very well done!

  • Your hatching lines were a little messy at first, but you definitely improved them. As you progressed through the exercise, they became cleaner and easier to read

Things you can improve on:

  • In some of your boxes, you used two-point perspective instead of the required three-point perspective. Just keep an eye on that in the future, we want to get our exercises right so we can learn from them

  • You seem to have a little problem with the inner corners. One way to improve them is to start thinking about the relationships between the lines instead of just thinking about the lines in pairs. Keep in mind all the other lines in the set and compare their angles. This diagram might help: https://i.imgur.com/8PqQLE0.png . Another way to "fix it" is to change the order in which you draw your boxes, you can try it!

  • Many of your boxes seem similar, especially at the end of the challenge. Try to vary them more, it's good to try new angles and rotations, even if it seems hard!

Overall, I think you did a good job. Freehand boxes aren't as easy as they seem. I'm not going to ask for any revisions, but I do recommend adding drawing boxes to your warm-up, as it might help you improve. Remember, it's not about getting everything perfect. That will be all, good luck and remember to use your 50%!

Next Steps:

Your 50%, 10-15 minute warm-up (of course try to include previous exercises), move on to Lesson 2. Good luck!

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3:28 PM, Sunday May 21st 2023

Thanks for your feedback!

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