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2:18 PM, Thursday July 23rd 2020

Imgur as you can easily scroll through the images.

11:39 PM, Friday July 24th 2020

If you are familiar with Imgur maybe you can help me out. I submitted my Lesson 1 with Imgur and was able to get all pages uploaded and get a single link so that you could scroll through it all. Today I was not able to get any link for my 250 Box submission. I had 42 pages and it showed them when I was on the page, but when I used the link to come back to it, blank. No images. I tried fewer pages and got the same result. Everything was grayed out when I added the pages so there was no way to post it. I finally signed up for an account with Imgur with the same result. Finally, after a couple of hours of messing with it I just created an album (which I couldn't get a link for) and got individual links for each page. So my 250 box homework submission includes 42 individual links. Very frustrating!

Any ideas?

11:52 PM, Friday July 24th 2020

To create a post on imgur you only have to click on the top create new post button. Then you drop the images and after you add a title you click one of the two buttoms on the right, either share hidden or to the community, after clicking them you should have the link to your post

12:16 AM, Saturday July 25th 2020

I get that. That's what I was doing. I can click the Create post at the top left, add images which I can see, but the To Community and Hidden buttons are grayed out. I can't select either one. All the other controls are grayed out as well. And it doesn't matter whether I add all 42 pages or a single page. I get the same thing. Even when I sign in and use my account I am unable to post pics. I was able to create an album. No link is available for the album, so I got 42 individual links, one for each image. That was all I could do. Seems like something has changed with Imgur. I got it to work fine on lesson 1.

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