Should I ghost when doing superimposed lines?

2:21 PM, Monday January 4th 2021

I've recently started to redo the the homeworks from lesson 1 as warm ups. Now that I have also done exercises such as the ghosted lines, should I ghost the superimposed lines when doing the exercise, or should I do it exactly the same as the original instructions?

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2:35 PM, Monday January 4th 2021
edited at 3:01 PM, Jan 4th 2021

Since line weight should be applied with the ghosting method, I'd say yes, ghost the superimposed lines from Lesson 1 during your warm-ups. At least this is what I've been doing since my Lesson 1 homework has received critique.

edited at 3:01 PM, Jan 4th 2021
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4:17 AM, Tuesday January 5th 2021

If it doesn't contradict the instructions of an exercise, and something you learn later in the course helps you execute the exercise more successfully, then you should feel free to do that. Ghosting is one example, as is drawing through boxes. I purposely don't mention those yet at those points, but I also purposely don't tell students to avoid those techniques if they already know of them.

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